Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Devil's Barnyard!

Please come join Happy C for the Devil's Barnyard on May 8th. We will "walk the line" between country and western, homage and derivation, sexism and sexuality, recreation and self-abuse, God and people, people and animals, swing and boogie, spring and summer, volume and noise, nostalgia and authenticity, art and whatever the other stuff is.

Take the cow by the horns. PBR. Love. Cornhole.

An ex-urban Rite of Spring Celebration

Images and objects provided by Slim Limb, weelittleladdy, and Beelzebubba

Music by DJ Odd Job - dancing is encouraged

Complimentary gallon of Blue Fluid windshield wash to the first 100 guests!

Saturday, May 8 at 8pm
at Happy Collaborationists Ex. space
1254 N. Noble St.

Out of Practice

A bit late, but that to everyone who came out to the show this past weekend where Nina Mayer presented "Out of Practice", Show two for our Spring Series Cotillion.