Saturday, September 26, 2009



The Happy Collaborationist are all finally back in Chicago after a summer of temporarily disbanding to different corners of the globe pursuing other projects and hobbies!

We are excited to present to you our Fall 2009 exhibition series entitled “Hermano,” featuring five shows in three months at the Happy Collaborationist Exhibition Space located at 1254 N. Noble (Division Blue Line). This is our first curated series and explores notions of fraternity through pairings of artists selected based on their strong collaborative bond noted throughout their work and real life relationships. The series will focus primarily on performance and installation work, mediums which the Happy Collaborationist are happy* to continue prominently promoting a stage and venue for in the contemporary art scene of Chicago.

Oct. 2nd Karen Bovonich and Tannar Veatch "SONS"

Oct. 29th Peter Skvara and Theodore Boggs "BUNK"

November 14th Paul Cowan and Scott Cowan

Dec. 5th Asher Danziger and Michael Meyer

Dec. 18th Industry of the Ordinary

Please stay tuned

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